While some flavours will never die, Some flavours dohn't last forever.  Here is a list of all the DOH flavours we have sent to the grave.  Some may rise from the dead, but may they all rest in piece.  In no particular order....

1.  Heaven: 2017-2018.  PB chocolate, chocolate chips, marshmallow. Well, we though it tasted heavenly, guess you didn't.  So we sent Heaven to Heaven.  

2.  Unicorn:  2019-2020.  Signature DOH, custom unicorn sprinkles.  The magic of this mythical flavour wasn't so magic and so we set the unicorn free.

3.  Lemon:  2018-2019.  Signature DOH, Lemon whip.  When life gave you lemon DOH, you picked any other DOH flavour or drank lemonade instead.

4. Fireball:  2019-2020. Signature DOH with cinnamon hearts and cinnamon oil.  Some like it hot, but not their cookie DOH.  Great song though.

5. Bubble Gum: 2021-2022.  Signature DOH died blue with bubble gum flavouring and gum balls.  No one seemed to like chewing gum with cookie DOH in it.  Go figure.  

6.  Chocolate Fix:  2022-2022.  We are still not sure why this one didn't make it.  Chocolate DOH, chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles.  Such a chocolate lovers dream.  But alas, chocolate lovers did not rejoice.  

7.  Pink:  2021-2022.  pink DOH, pink sprinkles.  Our favourite colour just didn't have the right pink flavour.  This one may be back again being our favourite colour, but until we get the flavour just right, it will stay in the graveyard.  

8.  Cotton Candy:  2021-2022.  Since cotton candy is basically sugar, this was a tough flavour to pull off.  Just like pink, this one may live again, when we get the flavour right.  For now, head to the nearest fair for some of the real thing cause this cotton candy is dead.  

9.  Strawberry Cheesecake:  2017-2018.  Strawberry season came and went and so did strawberry cheesecake DOH.  Guess DOH and cheesecake just don't mix.

10. M&M Party:  2017-2018.  M&M's and sprinkles.  Sounded fun, but the party was over quickly.  

11. Banana Cream Pie:  2019-2020.  Banana flavoured DOH with butter cream icing and a cherry on top.  Even the monkeys didn't like this flavour.  

12.  Mochaccino: 2020-2012.  Ground Expresso and chocolate sprinkles.  We though would be a great treat for when you're on your break at work.  Break time is over.  

13.  Grasshopper Mint:  Mint DOH dyed green, butter icing and an Oreo on top.  This grasshopper was just not "hoppening".