Meet Tania our Founder
Growing up I always loved dessert.  I mean, who doesn't right?  One thing I always remembered growing up, was my Grandma and mom making cookies and how I used to always love eating the cookie dough off of the mixer beaters.  I looked forward to that more than the cookies themselves.  When I became a mother myself, I enjoyed making cookies for my two kids and noticed them enjoying doing the same thing I did as a kid...eating the cookie dough off of the mixer beaters and of course I always saved some spoon fulls of the doughy-gooey goodness for myself and my husband.  It all started there as I realized this should be a treat/dessert that everyone enjoys.  Everyone loves cookie dough!
And that is how it all began.  Our family had a market store, so we built our first cookie DOH! shop into it in 2017 and away we went.   It's been so fun ever since.  I love developing new flavours and the process of making our DOHlicious creations that I can share with so many people.  I love being able to bring  smiles to peoples faces and seeing the joyous reactions DOH brings to people lives.  I love having a family business that started in my own kitchen, one that I hope will bring happiness and sweetness to your life.

Our Company

Cookie DOH! is the Canadian Original edible cookie dough experience. Established in 2017, cookie DOH! was started in Dundas, Ontario Canada, by Jason & Tania, a husband and wife team. Our story continues as our family run company grows & evolves, including help from our teenagers! 
  People love to eat raw cookie dough but there are risks with eating foods containing raw flour and eggs.  So, we came up with Cookie DOH!, made using safe ingredients like heat-treated flour and whole egg powder to keep the fun going without the risk.  
We make the best edible cookie dough experience.  We use high quality ingredients like real butter, quality flour and quality sugar. We don't use cheap palm oils, margarine or syrups. Real ingredients means our DOH! tastes the best!!  We call our taste and visual appeal, the DOH! WOW FACTOR. Everything we make has to have the DOH WOW FACTOR!  We use Brand name ingredients like Oreo and Reese’s.  The making of our DOH! is something we take huge pride it.  It's what we do.   We have perfected our recipes to be the most DOHlicious, the smoothest textured and the most visually appealing cookie dough there is.  We are very proud of product quality and our customers DOHserve the best. 
We will be continually expanding our venue and retail partnerships so that more and more people can enjoy our cookie DOH! experience. We love putting smiles and peoples faces as they enjoy the sweet things in life. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook. We would love to be part of your family and story. Have a sweet day!