How to wow you guests with edible cookie DOH charcuterie

Entertaining guests is always such a fun time!  I love entertaining with friends and family, sharing good times, music and of course food.  To me, the food is so important and I like to wow my guests with great food!  I want the food I serve to bring smiles to their faces and be part of a wonderful experience.  

When I entertain, my favourite part of my food table is the desserts.  I love coming up with sweet sensations my guests will love. The newest addition to my desert table is my edible cookie DOH charcuterie board.  It's so fun!  As soon as people see it, their eyes open wide.  Of course when they taste it, they love it.  if you are like me, you just love seeing guests enjoying the food...and it all being gone so their is little clean up!

Making a edible cookie charcuterie board is so easy.  Here is how I do it, but feel free to make your own creations or modifications. 

You will need:

1.  Charcuterie board platter or large plate,

2.  Chocolate Chip Cookie DOH, Birthday Cake Cookie DOH, pretzels, vanilla wafers, sprinkles, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, skor bits, whip cream, chocolate M&M's, mini ice cream cones.  

Here is how to build your DOH charcuterie board:

1.  Take 2 tubs of Chocolate Chip Cookie DOH and scoop it onto the top middle of your board, making like a lil mountain.  On the bottom middle of your board do the same the Birthday Cake Cookie DOH.  You can also place the cookie DOH into bowls.  

2.  Now you should have 2 little mounds of cookie on the top middle and bottom middle that look like mini mountains.  Stick a spoon in each mound or into each bowl if you prefer to use bowls.  

3.  Grab to small bowls and put chocolate sauce in one and caramel sauce in another.  Place these bowls on the ends of your board.  If your board is small or if you have a platter or plate just place it on the table to save room for the other ingredients

4.  Now this is where you can be creative.  Take any of the condiments and create sections/piles on your board.  So you should have a pile of sprinkles, pretzels, vanilla wafers, marshmallows, chocolate chips, mini M&M's and skor bits.  You can not only pile but spread stuff anywhere you like or put into mini bowls.  

5.  Take the mini ice cream cones and stack them beside the board and take whip cream and put it beside your board or you can spray some into a bowl with a spoon.  I find leaving it in the bottle better as it can sorta puff down if into a bowl.  

6.  Leave spoons for all the condiments and bowls, mini plates and spoons for guests.  

7.  Chat it up!  your guests can make mini cookie DOH sundaes or take cookie DOH on a plate for dipping the pretzels and wafers into!!


There you have it.  That's how I wow my guests the a Cookie DOH charcuterie board!!  Try it, your guests will love it.