Mom & Grandma lent a hand

We all love cookie dough, but it was something we only got to eat when mom or grandma were making cookies and they would let us lick the cookie dough off the mixer beaters.  I remember loving those moments because it was a treat...I actually remember liking it more than the cookies they made!  Everyone in the house would come into the kitchen and either grab a beater and lick the dough off or stick there fingers in the mixing bowl, scoop out some dough and eat it.   

I have such fond memories of those cookie dough moments!!  The smiles and laughter, the flour covered counter and aprons, the cracking of the eggs, the sound of the oven door opening and closing.  Cookie dough really brought the whole family together!!  And lots of times my sister and i got to help!

That little story above is actually why I started The Cookie DOH Factory.  I thought, if we all love cookie dough so much, why isn't it an actual dessert option? Cookie dough brings people together, brings family together  So I decided to start The Cookie DOH Factory and turn bakeable cookie dough into edible cookie dough, that individuals and families would have for dessert, not just as treat when mom or grandma were going to bake some cookies. 


Isn't it amazing how eating something can trigger happy memories and make you feel like a kid again?  Every time I take a bite of cookie DOH, I always end up thinking about times when I was kid.  Playing with friends, having dinner in the dining room, listening to music, being outside, traveling with my family, going to my grandma and grandpas house, TV time at night in the just goes on and on.  It's why I love cookie DOH so much!  It takes amazing and it's an experience filled with fond memories.  

And that's how it all began.  Mom & Grandma, thanks for lending a hand in the creation of The Cookie DOH Factory!  I bet you never thought cookie dough would become an edible dessert!!?