Cookie DOH in your Ice Cream Shop

Ice cream Shops + DOH = The Perfect & Profitable Fit

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Ice cream shops and The Cookie DOH Factory are a perfect fit!!  The versatility of cookie DOH as as a dessert ingredient/element makes your DOHssert possibilities endless.  Below you will find several ways that cookie DOH can be used to create DOHlicious and unique dessert options, as well our grab & go options that help generate additional sales.   Another great thing about Cookie DOH in ice cream shops is that it helps increase sales during the winter months when ice cream sales generally decline.  

1.  Scoop it!  Our bulk service tubs make it easy for you to scoop cookie DOH just like ice cream.  Even off toppings like extra sprinkles, chocolate chips, Reese's products, skor bits and more! DOHlicious!

2.  DOH Sundaes & Halfsies!  Creating unique sundaes with cookie DOH is easy.  Scoop it into a cup or bowl.  Offer choices of sauces and toppings.  Top with whip cream and a cherry!  DOH pairs really well ice cream and a great creations is a Halfsies.  Half ice cream and Half DOH.  Simply scoop half of each into a bowl and add toppings.  With Halfsies you can come up with so many awesome DOH and ice cream pairings and give them great names! For example, "It's your Birthday", with half birthday cake DOH and half vanilla or birthday cake ice cream.  Imagine all the yummy possibilities!

3.  DOH topping!  Just add DOH to your toppings menu as a topping choice for sundaes, splits and other desserts!  Mmmmm!


4. DOH Milkshakes! Add cookie DOH to milkshakes.  With our flavour options, cookie DOH allows you to create unique milkshake flavours your customers will love.  Simply replace some of the ice cream in a milk shake with cookie DOH & blend!  DOH is splendid when its blended!

5.  Grab & DOH! DOH is a proven best seller in grab & go fridges.  Increase your sales with our grab & go tubs by offering more than just ice cream.  DOH will be really helpful during the slow winter months when ice cream sales generally decline.   Just grab & DOH!

DOH helps your ice cream shop become a DOHssert destination!!!